Assorted Breakfast Wrap  $5.99 each
Served with Home-made Green Chile & Chipotle Sauce

Gourmet Breakfast  $8.99/ person
Sausage link, bacon, cheese scrambled eggs, toast, tater tots

Oatmeal Bar  $4.99 / person
Oatmeal, brown sugar, raisin,  butter

Continental Breakfast  $8.99 / person
Pastries, mini bagel, mini croissant, Danish, mini muffins & fresh cut up fruit

Breakfast Muffins/Bagels combination  $5.99/person
Assorted full size cut half muffins and bagels; whole apple & banana
Cream cheese/butter/jelly

Breakfast Sandwiches $6.49 / person
Assorted meat , scrambled eggs, melted cheese, mix of sausage/bacon/ham
Serve on variety of bread / croissant / English muffin/ thin bread
Starbuck Brewed Coffee (per pot) $17.99
Choice of dark roast ,medium roast & decaf
Variety of coffee creamer/sugar/sweetener
Starbuck Tazo Hot Tea (per bag) $2.99
Variety of TAZO tea
Air pot hot water
Half & half creamer /sugar/sweetener

Pitcher Juice 64 oz (OJ/ Apple/Cranberry) : $10.00

Bottle Juices    $2.49 each

Can Sodas        $1.49 each

Bottle Water    $1.49 each
Intermission Box lunch $11.99/ person
Assorted sandwich/wrap , chips, mini cookies, side garden or Caesar salad

Intermission Sandwich/Wrap Tray  $10.99/ person
Assorted half cut sandwich & wrap; serve with cookies & chips

Intermission Salad Box $11.99/person
Choice of individual from our Gourmet Salad menu
Serve with cookies & chips
Fresh cut up fruits
Assorted melon, strawberry, pineapple, grapes,  orange slices
            Small (6-8 ppl) : $30.00
            Med (10-12 ppl) : $60.00
            Large (18 +ppl) : $90.00

Salad bowl (choice of Caesar or Garden or Greek)
            Small (6-8 ppl) : $30.00
            Med ( 10-12 ppl) : $ 50.00
            Large (18+ ppl) : $90.00

Cheese & Cracker Platter (cheeze/crackers/grapes/strawberry)
            Small (6-8 ppl) : $40.00
            Medium (10-12ppl) : $60.00
            Large (18+ ppl) : $90.00 

Fresh Veggie Tray
Broccoli/cauliflower/celery/English cucumber/tomato/baby carrots
Ranch & Blue Cheese & Chipotle dip
            Small (6-8 ppl) :$30.00
            Med ( 10-12 ppl) : $60.00
            Large ( 18+ ppl) : $90.00
Rocky Mountain Dessert
Fresh baked cookies/ bite size brownies/mini cheese cake/variety bite size dessert/ grapes / strawberry         
            Small (6-8 ppl) :$40.00
            Medium ( 10-12 ppl) : $60.00
            Large (18+ ppl) : $90.00

Cookies Tray
Choices of Chocolate Chips, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter & Sugar
            Small (10-12 people) $20.99
            Medium (20-24 people) $40.99
            Large (30-36 people) $60.99
Check for availability and price
Must have advance notice
Minimum requirement depends on each item
Fettuccini Alfredo
Serve with garlic bread/Caesar salad

Ham, pulled pork, swiss, pickle chips, caramelized onion, mustard on Telera roll

Ham, pulled pork, swiss, pickle chips, caramelized onion, mustard on yeast rise pizza dough

Chicken quesadilla
Pico de Gallo/sour cream/pickled jalapeno

Beef taco
Lettuce/tomato/shredded cheese/ sour cream

BBQ pulled pork
Fries / coleslaw / corn on cobb/ Bourbon beans

Philly steak

Philly chicken steak


Chicken burrito
Lettuce/ tomato/ shredded cheese/ sour cream / green chile

Lasagna / Veggie Lasagna
Garden salad / garlic bread

Parmesan Chicken Sandwich
Marinara sauce/fries

Kabasa skillet
Lettuce/sour cream/scallion

Backyard hamburger
Lettuce/ tomato/ onion/ cheese/
Option with Bacon
Fries, chips or salad

Option with Bacon
Fries, chips or salad

Cheese Ravioli
Garlic bread/ garden salad

BBQ pork ribs
Fries/ corn on cobb/Bourbon bean/ coleslaw

Roast turkey Breast
Mashed potato/gravy/roast veggies/dinner rolls

Pot Roast
Mashed potato/gravy/roast veggies/dinner rolls

Fajita chicken
Flour or corn tortilla/ lettuce/pico de gallo/ jalapeno/cilantro/sour cream/ shredded cheese/ wedges lime /avocado chunks

Fajita steak
Flour or corn tortilla/lettuce/pico de gallo/jalapeno/cilantro/sour cream
Shredded cheese/ wedges line /avocado chunks

Potato bar
Baked potato/ bacon bits/chives/broccoli/sour cream/shredded cheese/butter/jalapeno

Hot wings
Celery sticks/ baby carrots/ ranch & blue cheese dip

Cold pasta salad
Variety of choices
Crab Wonton (2pcs) $4.99
Serve with sweet sour dipping sauce

Edamame Spring Roll (3 pcs) $3.49
Serve with sweet sour dipping sauce

Orange Chicken
Serve with grilled veggies, white rice

Szechuan Chicken      
Sliced chicken breast, broccoli ,green pepper red ,pepper, onions, mushroom, stir fry in tangy sweet ginger garlic sauce ; serve with white rice

Lemongrass Chicken
Grilled marinated chicken thigh in lemongrass, sweet soy garlic sauce
Serve with dipping fish sauce , tomatoes, cucumber and white rice

Chicken Udon Noodles
Sauteed udon noodles with sliced chicken breast, red pepper, mushroom, onions in savory sauce

Singapore Rice Noodles
Sauteed chicken breast, red pepper, onion, beansprout, green onions, scrambled eggs, vermicelli rice noodles in curry sauce

Jalapeno Chicken (Best seller)
Sauteed chicken breast, caramelized onion , fresh jalapeno in sweet soy sauce, white rice

Wonton Noodle Bowl
Mini cilantro chicken wonton, slices of chicken breast, spinach, green onions  in rich chicken broth

Mo Shu Wrap
Sauteed chicken breast, shredded cabbage, onion, green onion, scrambled egg, celery, with hoisin sauce in flour wrap

Seoul Wrap
Grilled thinly sliced steak, marinated soy sprouts & spinach, pickle yellow  radish, Korean Chile  paste in flour wrap

Bi Bim Bop
Grilled thinly sliced steak, marinated soy sprouts & spinach, pickle yellow radish, shredded lettuce, sunny side up egg , over white rice, drizzle with Korean chile paste

Chicken Pan Fried Noodles
Sliced chicken breast, broccoli, bak choy, carrots, mushroom, onions, in rich broth over pan fried egg noodles

Chicken Lo Mein
Stir fry chicken breast, onion, carrot, green onion, bean sprouts, with yakisoba noodles in soy sauce

Hunan Chicken
Sliced chicken breast, broccoli, celery, carrots in Chef special Hunan sauce, over white rice.

Chicken Asparagus
Sliced chicken breast, fresh asparagus, carrots  in rich white sauce, server with white rice

Combination Fried Rice
Shrimp, chicken, diced ham sauteed with peas, carrots, onions & scrambled eggs with dark soy Cantonese rice

Penang Noodles
Sauteed chicken , chives, jalapeno, onions, scrambled eggs, with wide rice noodles in dark savory soy sauce

Teriyaki Chicken
Grilled marinated chicken breast in teriyaki sauce,  slice cucumber & tomatoes, scallion over white rice

Beef broccoli
Tender sliced beef steak, sauteed with broccoli and carrots in rich brown savory sauce, serve rice

Roast Pepper Steak
Tender sliced beef steak sauteed with roasted pepper, roasted tomato, onion in rich brown savory sauce
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